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Go Easy on the Backlinks, Google’s Guidance

Search Engine Optimization
John Mueller of Google recently stated via Twitter, that “Links are definitely not the most important SEO factor”. He adds, “I’d forget everything you read about link juice. It’s very likely all obsolete, wrong, and/or misleading. Instead, build a website that works well for your users.” Within our own SEO…

Social Media Recommendations for 2020

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
If your intended medium is Social Media, you’ll want to be short with your post’s textual content and let your photos (or videos) shine. Especially when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Then complete the package with a relevant, linked blog post tied to your main eye-catching piece of…

Expertise.com – Best 8 Spokane SEO Agencies

Search Engine Optimization
Spokane SEO Award
We want to take a moment to say thank you to all our valued customers that have helped us get to where we are today. Our local Spokane customer base is amazing and we wouldn’t trade our clients for anything. Today I was contacted by Chris from Expertise.com who was…

How Search Engines (like Google) Work

Performance Testing
You can think of a Search Engine like a massive library for the information age. However instead of accumulating thousands of copies of books, they warehouse copies of billions of websites. When you go to enter your search query into Google, it will look through every page within its index…

Holy Cow. An SEO Bomb just went off..

March 12 Google Update
This month has been a tumultuous one for many website owners. I’ve been reading many reports pertaining to the most recent Google algorithm changes and how some pages have been affected for the worse.  I always say that In most cases, as long as you are doing everything you’re supposed…

Many Indian SEO Companies = Rip Off Artists

indian seo companies
Many International and Indian SEO Companies are giving the entire industry a bad name and a terrible reputation – particularly when it comes to the quality of the services being delivered. Current clients tell us horror stories of being outright lied to by Indian SEO companies, told false premises about…

Writing SEO Content in Spokane, WA

Writing SEO Content
What is “Writing SEO Content”? To comprehend exactly what a digital marketer means when they mention writing SEO content, it can be useful to first understand the phrase in it’s simplest form: “SEO” refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is simply the practice of improving a web property so folks can track it…

Local Business Listings & Directories

Are you in control of your localized online business listings? There are roughly 50 important business directories that your business should register with to obtain better Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPS). More importantly, there are thousands of other directories that you should steer clear of. If you end up creating…