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August SEO offers affordable service plan options that will allow you to skyrocket past your competitors using high-quality organic search traffic! Traffic growth to your website will create more leads & customers, which means more money in your pocket. Rated by Expertise.com as one of the best SEO companies in Spokane.

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You must pay close attention to your Search Engine Ranking Positions! As Spokane SEO Experts, we’ve watched Google change over the last 16 years and can offer your business some helpful insights into what they are actually focused on, as well as help you perform the appropriate optimizations search engines expect you to make if you want to have a chance of obtaining those key ranking positions. Remember, no one visits page 2 of the search results anymore – unless they’re looking for something very specific, or they need a wide variety (or multiple) of options. Most people trust Google’s algorithms, and for that simple reason most people are going to click the results shown first.

Local Consultants

Our representatives are available to travel to you, so meetings are a breeze.

100% Organic Practices

Some agencies try to “game the system” with black-hat SEO practices, we do not support these methods.

Always High Quality Content

Don’t pay for re-hashed articles from last year! Get authentic, custom content at a fantastic price.

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Contact us to receive a personalized report on the state of your web presence.

We’re Google Experts

We have years of expertise understanding what Google wants you to do with your website, so it won’t take us long to get your search marketing strategy into place.

Transparent Reporting

We realize that you probably don’t know a great deal about this subject matter – which is why you’re hiring us! We’ll do our best to make this information easy to understand.

We ❤️ our Clients

We intend to continuously earn your business each and every month. Services are pre-paid monthly & you can cancel at any time. We do not believe in handcuffing you w/ costly long-term contracts.

Spokane SEO Services, Done Right.

You’ll hear us mention the word “relevance” a lot! Search Engine relevance is all about making search engines better understand what your website has to offer.

Search marketing should also incorporate regular monitoring of online communities and review platforms to understand how people are reacting to your brand using customer feedback and social media. Perhaps more importantly, if you don’t have an appropriate number of incoming backlinks from trustworthy, authoritative websites – you’re going to face an uphill battle getting search engines to notice you.

We are firm believers that no small business should be missing out on leads and potential sales opportunities due to weak search ranking positions or a lack of search marketing strategy. Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) are attainable for any size business, but we especially enjoy helping the underdog turn the tables on their well-funded competitors.

You’ve probably heard the term “Content Creation” at some point. Content creation describes the process of creating posts that can be posted to a website or shared with your social media followers to improve customer engagement with your products or services. Our Spokane SEO Experts will develop content for your business after we determine how your brand wants to engage your audience.

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Location: Spokane, Washington

Contact us at any time to learn more about how we can jumpstart your Spokane SEO strategy.

Platform of Choice: WordPress is an ideal CMS for many types of business websites and is our primary recommendation for most new clients – as it offers a very search-friendly starting point.

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Kevin S. August

Company Owner

I’m a Search Marketing Specialist helping Small-to-Midsize businesses achieve stellar online visibility via organic practices.

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