Spokane WordPress Malware Removal Service

Wordpress Site Been PWNED?

Let our WordPress specialists take a look!     

Spokane WordPress Malware Removal can become essential for any site dealing with a security issue such as an injection attack

WordPress sites are often targeted by malicious software aiming to steal sensitive data, redirect website traffic, disrupt operations, & cause harm. 

Worst of all, perhaps, is the harm to your online reputationWordPress has become a common target because of how many websites use this CMS; as it’s often used to run some of the web’s most popular websites.  

How Does It Happen

Bad actors conduct remote "probing" scans on thousands of WP websites at once...

Hackers typically look for a vulnerability inside your plugins or theme files. They’ll create (find, or buy) exploits to make use of the “hole” they found in your system.

Quick Response

When malware infects your site, it can result in various problems, including slow loading speeds, lost data, or even a complete website shutdown. It's a major bummer and can be extremely frustrating for a website owner.

Search Engines

Worst of all, Google HATES malware-infected websites and takes action against sites where malware has been detected!

That's bad news if you're benefiting from search engine optimization (or intend to).

Simple Solution

Our WordPress Malware Removal service is designed to clean and secure your site from all malware threats.

Once we're done, we'll do our best to "harden" and enhance your site's security to prevent future attacks.


It might surprise you to learn how malware normally infects a website. It's quite rare for a "clean" (plugin free) WordPress install to become infected. It's almost always either user error (leaving something "unlocked"), or by installing an outdated add-on.