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Performance Testing Your Website

Performance Testing

There are a number of websites which exist solely to help you determine how fast your website loads, often from many different geographical locations. That helps you get a sense of your overall “User Experience” which is a major part of SEO in 2018 and beyond.

A few of my favorites are as follows:


By using the aforementioned tools, you can research how to modify your server, .htaccess, caching mechanisms, and various other enhancements. Once your website is loading faster, Google is going to take notice. You see every so often as Google’s bots hit your website to cache them and understand what you have there (in terms of content and links), they also take note of your page load times.

It doesn’t happen every single time your site gets cached, but it’s believed to be every 5-10 visits from the GoogleBot that they are going to take a benchmark of your sites’ performance. If your performance metrics trend towards faster page load times on subsequent visits, you can expect a couple of improved position movements in your SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Positions).

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