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August SEO

We know 404 errors can be a bit of a bummer, so we hope you don’t encounter too many. But if you do, don’t worry – it means the resource you were looking for isn’t available right now. 

404 errors typically happen when a web admin moves the location of a file, makes a mistake, or updates the wrong text within a link. It’s every SEO’s job to ensure there are as few missing resources as humanly possible, as they can quickly add up to a poor user experience.

404 errors allow website users to quickly understand that the resource they are looking for is not available

• 404 pages provide a professional and user-friendly experience by clearly indicating what has happened

• 404s effectively prevent users from getting stuck in an endless loop of trying to access content that does not exist

• Utilizing custom 404 pages can help with SEO as it allows search engine crawlers to index them appropriately

• 404s increase customer satisfaction and trust as these error messages guide what should be done next.

Thanks for checking out this free resource on error pages. 404 errors can be a drag, but don’t worry – even if you encounter one of these pesky little guys. It doesn’t mean you’re stuck! The best thing you can do is see if the website you are on has a search function, as you can still track down the document you’re looking for. 

Whatever the case may be, 404 errors don’t last forever!

We hope you found this 404 Error resource helpful. Happy browsing! 😁