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Writing SEO Content in Spokane, WA

writing seo content in Spokane

What do you mean by “Writing SEO Content”?

To comprehend what a digital marketer means when they mention writing SEO content, it can be helpful first to understand the phrase in its simplest form:

  • “SEO” refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is simply the practice of improving a website so folks can track it down on significant search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo.
  • When we say “content,” this really can be a wide range of material (more on that later) that lives on the web.

Writing SEO Content is any content created to attract additional search engine traffic.

We help our clients craft custom articles and blog posts designed to be paired up with branded social media graphics & 100% unique copywriting.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you everything we know about optimizing content for search engines here; simply because that’s how we earn a living. But to understand what we offer your business here’s a simple outline of what it takes to be successful with web content in 2020:

  • Keyword Research: To bring in additional traffic from search, you must be a master of keyword research before you even begin to write. It’s imperative to focus on keywords that already garner a healthy amount of volume – in other words, you essentially write with a particular direction in mind while staying on a topic that people are already searching for.
  • Keyword Optimization: Knowing when and where to use keywords while writing SEO content leads to maximum relevance scores from Google.
  • Content Organization: Content on your website needs to be arranged sensibly. Not only is it excellent for your SEO, but it also helps visitors on your site discover any other relevant content you have to offer very quickly.
  • Content Promotion: After you write something, you’ll want to quickly increase the visibility of that new content by sharing it to all of your connected social networks while simultaneously attracting backlinks to your content (you’ll also want to focus on your internal linking structure).

A Quick Word on Search Ranking Intent (very important)

Please keep in mind that if your only goal is search engine traffic (hits), you will likely be disappointed. Pleasing the search engines (who will return the favor with better search rankings over time) is one thing. However, you also need to consider your potential customers, and to do this, you must offer value within your content that far exceeds your search engine optimization methods.

Put mildly, don’t ever try to “fake” it when you are writing SEO content if all you’re trying to do is obtain a high rank and bring in clickthroughs. As a rule of thumb, if your content doesn’t provide any additional value to a search engine user, just press “delete” and try something else. Websites that choose to go this route and encourage “thin,” low-value content can expect to be heavily penalized by Google. Google has been accelerating the rate at which they lower rankings for these kinds of spammy websites for quite some time now.

We’ve seen several of our clients’ Spokane area competitors get knocked down by recent changes to the PageRank algorithm, and these guys are slowly losing long-held rankings because they don’t want to follow established webmaster guidelines.

One last thing to note is that Google monitors just about all web traffic because of their Google Analytics product – which everyone uses, and because of this, they can measure bad web properties that have high bounce rates and, conversely, meager conversion rates (sales/leads).

When Google measures your business website, are you going to make the grade? Contact us for a FREE evaluation to see if we would be a good fit for your business!

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