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Who Should Hire an SEO?

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Hey there, sorry for not posting in awhile everyone! I quickly want to touch base on some on a few of the characteristics of businesses who will usually be a good fit for trying out Search Engine Optimization Services.
It’s always best to be somewhat successful in your business dealings before reaching out to an SEO.

You might say well, isn’t everyone supposed to be doing SEO? To an extent that’s true, but there are some qualities / characteristics that most Search Experts are going to check for to make sure their clients are going to be successful. Not everyone is in a position to be helped!

  1. You’re Established – Many SEO’s have tried to help startup businesses (with shoestring budgets) but it almost never works out. You must have a steady flow of income already coming in to be able to afford a decent Search Expert. You need a solid foundation of incoming funds to be able to afford your SEO plan for 6 months (on average), if you don’t see yourself being able to pay for a term of this length, it’s best you wait a bit longer and exploit traditional marketing avenues until you are in a better position with your budget.
  2. You already have a website – A fairly obvious requirement I suppose but people have approached us before talking about improving something that doesn’t even exist yet. What are we supposed to work on? It’s important to differentiate the two fields of Design vs SEO. Totally different fields with very different directions. While design is very important to user experience, it won’t rank your website on it’s own. If the design is the foundation, your SEO is the framework. They must work in tandem to provide a great user experience and satisfy Google’s growing list of UX (user experience) requirements.


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