Don’t spend your money on some far-away national marketing agency that doesn’t understand your business or our local area! Hire a local guide like us to help your business develop ad campaigns that work, without breaking the bank. We’re right here with you in Spokane and would be happy to meet to discuss your needs! (Currently using Zoom for virtual meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Step 1: Dedicate a Marketing Specialist to your Account

We will designate a skilled SEO specialist to fully manage and operate your advertising campaigns. We are certified in AdWords and have extensive experience w/ overseeing successful campaigns. Our first step is always to research your company in detail so that we can design  a marketing strategy that fits your specific business. With 15 years of experience under our belt, we’ve picked up some knowledge on what works. We will help you understand split testing, conversion optimization, and even how to use audience retargeting.

Step 2: Identify High Volume Keyword Opportunities

It is in your best interest to only spend your budget on cost-effective keywords. We perform exhaustive research to discover keyword prospects for your business. If you are unfamiliar with them, a keyword or key phrase, is just a search term that folks use to find something they are interested in. Via analysis, we research thousands of these keywords every week to measure search volume, industry competitors, as well as the costs associated with specific keywords to then determine appropriate keywords for your unique ad campaign.

Step 3: Analyze Your Company's Top Competitors

It’s always a good idea to stay one step ahead of your competition. The same is true when it comes to running a successful PPC ad campaign.  By carefully examining which keywords your competitors are bidding on and how well they are doing organically in search marketing, you can then make more informed decisions regarding your own ad campaigns. If we see a particular opportunity, such as an area where another business has a virtual monopoly on a specific keyword, we can alert you to this and have you place a higher bid – resulting in a visitor to your website, instead of them heading to the other company.

Step 4: Ad Design and Campaign Creation

You’ll want to develop effective copy for your search marketing ads. On each ad we will create a headline, copy, and then target your ads at specific keywords chosen after an extensive research process. Then it’s time to sit back and watch how things develop to identify the best performing ads, which will then inform our decisions on future campaigns.

Step 5: Monitor Campaigns, Optimize Where Necessary

After your campaigns start running, we will be able to identify any problematic areas of the ad campaign very quickly. Through careful analysis we measure your ad performance on a daily basis to ensure a positive outcome. If a specific ad isn’t meeting our initial goals or expectations, we will modify the campaign or keyword targets until an acceptable return on investment is achieved.

Ongoing Reporting w/ Regular Communication

You will receive a monthly report to review your ad campaign performance in detail. We also offer free conversion tracking on all of your ads to help you determine the actual number of conversions (sales, leads, orders) you’re generating from your ads.