Some Indian SEO Companies = Rip Off Artists

indian seo companies

There are some Indian SEO Companies giving the entire SEO industry a bad name and a terrible reputation – particularly when it comes to the quality of the services being delivered. Current clients tell us horror stories of being outright lied to by Indian SEO companies, or worse – told false premises about what will help their website rank (which the clients believe). These are not isolated incidents, we’re now hearing about this far more regularly than we’d like.

This is infuriating, we offer a trustworthy local SEO service in Spokane, WA and do our job right, but we’re constantly fighting a wave of misinformation that we’re finding often originates with foreign SEO’s who are not performing SEO services correctly. They’ve found they can take advantage of folks here in the United States that simply don’t know better. We also understand that there have to be some good Indian SEO companies out there, and we purposely used words in this blog post like “most” and “many” for that reason.

However, the good SEO companies in India would not be the ones who use a contact form on your current website or email you about how poor your current website is. Many of our own clients receive emails from random gmail addresses which state that there are “errors on your website“, or “you’re not being found online“, “you have a problem with your google rankings“, just about anything they can do to provoke a reply from the target. I don’t know about you, but I think many would find this kind of behavior predatory at best. In fact, we usually prepare our clients when we begin working with them that anyone who has to email you like this can be considered a “fake” SEO provider – which often charge low prices, but never really get results. A client who hires these people is usually quite confused about things when we start speaking to them, and have been led to believe all kinds of things about what is going to help their website get better rankings..

Many Indian SEO Companies = Fake Providers

Having a full understanding and fluency with the English language is critically important to performing search optimization efforts. Naturally written language is the cornerstone of any organic search marketing campaign, so you should choose your SEO provider accordingly – based on your perception of their understanding and mastery of the English language.

DO NOT CHOOSE any provider who is based outside of the United States, unless you have an extensive phone interview with them to determine how well they speak and write. The quality of your search marketing efforts are only as good as the person writing for you.

Here’s another article from Forbes to drive the point home about these scammers, along with some examples of the emails they use to trick people.

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