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Social Media Recommendations for 2020

Social Media Marketing

If your intended medium is Social Media, you’ll want to be short with your post’s textual content and let your photos (or videos) shine. Especially when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Then complete the package with a relevant, linked blog post tied to your main eye-catching piece of photography to capitalize on your efforts.

That cool photo that Stephanie just clicked on – might get shared to her friend on a social media platform, who ends up reading your linked blog post – and eventually considers your product. So the goal then becomes, just how many opportunities like this can you create for your business by simply providing useful information to the masses with whatever helpful tips or advice you have to give them?

If you can get visitors back to your website, then you have some additional opportunities to showcase your product or services. You might have heard the term “Clickbait” before. Though we don’t recommend this, you should consider how click-baiting works – which is done to grab the visitor’s attention right away.

Always consider how you may be able to attract someone’s interest within the absolute sliver of a time-frame you’re allowed in someone’s news feed. More importantly, think about how you can create tastefully placed links into your content that will actually help people do something like: solve a problem, offer guidance, make a suggestion, the possibilities are truly endless.

We would recommend that you put a lot of effort into your social media creations, because smashing your irrelevant link into people’s foreheads without any execution – just doesn’t work. Offer people some advice on a topic you’re very knowledgeable about, hopefully something that makes you look like an authority on the subject.

Social Media – Is Anyone Out There? … (crickets)

Another thing to think about is – How many seconds will your post be visible in your viewers news-feed? For that matter is your post being noticed at all? You really don’t have very long to catch people’s attention on these platforms, so always consider that it takes something special to succeed with your social media tactics.

Once you get a personal, branded style developed that fits your content – you’ll be surprised at how easy it becomes to generate additional posts in just a few minutes. After a while, if your content is attracting attention, your writing should start to flow more naturally and you might just find yourself with a loyal following that wants to see more every week.

If things don’t start developing for you after a while, you may just have to find yourself someone who likes to do this kind of thing, we’d be happy to help!

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