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Are you in control of your localized online business listings? There are roughly 50 important business directories that your business may want to register with to obtain better Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPS). More importantly, there are probably thousands of other directories that you would do well to steer clear of. If you end up creating backlinks on low-authority websites you can end up actually harming your online presence, rather than improving it.

In 2018 it’s becoming more and more critical to obtain quality backlinks from high authority domains and directories. When Google, Bing, and Yahoo see that you have claimed and completed your profiles on these sites, they will almost always improve your rankings in one way or another. It’s a fairly straightforward process to fill these pages with your business details, but you may want to consult an SEO about where your specific business type should actually be creating these business profiles – so as to avoid any unnecessary backlink penalties from major search engines.

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