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How Many Backlinks Do YOU Have?

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You don’t know how many do-follow backlinks you have, do you? That’s ok, don’t panic just yet.

The importance of backlinks cannot be overlooked, so it’s very important you start paying attention to how many you have and where they are coming from. Now is as good a time as any to start developing a plan for obtaining these valuable links because they give Google a great idea of how “popular” your website is. Without them you will not rank your site anywhere near where you’d like it to be, which is ideally page 1 or 2 of the search results.

Backlinks matter because they’re a clear sign to Google’s magical search algorithm that other websites consider your domain to be a good source of content and believe your site to be somewhat relevant to their own. As a webmaster myself, I wouldn’t dare give a dangerous website a “vote” by linking to it, because I may get penalized by Google in the process. There’s a certain amount of trust involved with handing out what are known as “do-follow” backlinks. Links tagged as “no-follow” provide some value, but pale in comparison to the value of a “do-follow” link originating from a relevant website in your industry.

The no-follow tag provides a way for a website owner or SEO to link “out” without casting your “vote of trust” to it in the process. By default a link is considered to be a “do-follow” link without specifying the “no-follow” attribute. Many people are unaware that they are passing what SEO’s call “link juice”, potentially even to their competitors, and may continue to do so for years to come simply because they aren’t in the know about a simple tag.

I write all of this to say that now may be a good idea to consider a consultant like myself that can give you a much better understanding of the tactics your competitors are most likely already utilizing against you. I’m always available for guidance and coaching in these areas and we can work towards making your website more well-rounded and improve your overall search presence.

Call us at (509) 485-8898 or schedule a consultation today so we can discuss these options for your business.

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